Sri Lanka National Economic Council delegation visits China to seek deeper and pragmatic cooperation between China and Sri Lanka

A delegation representing the Sri Lanka National Economic Council led by Chief Economist Professor Lalith Samarakoon, visited China at the invitation of the  Landi International Think Tank. The delegation...

A delegation representing the Sri Lanka National Economic Council led by Chief Economist Professor Lalith Samarakoon, visited China at the invitation of the  Landi International Think Tank.

The delegation arrived in Beijing on March 29th on a five-day working visit. During the visit, the delegation had talks with China on further deepening the pragmatic cooperation in infrastructure construction, manufacturing, agricultureand rural development under the framework of “The Belt and Road” initiative in order to bring more realistic cooperation and development dividends to Sri Lanka.

On March 30th, Zhao Baige, member of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee and vice chairman of the 12th Foreign Affairs Committee of the NPC held a discussion with the Sri Lanka delegation.

She said that Sri Lanka is a geographically superior country and has abundant resources.

“China and Sri Lanka have a long history of rendezvous and a profound traditional friendship, which laid a solid foundation for deepening the current mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries,” she said.

Zhao Baige also pointed out that China is an important economic cooperation partner of Sri Lanka. At present, China-Sri Lanka relations have entered into a golden period of development. On the whole, Sri Lanka has abundant resources, but is yet weak in some economic sectors.

Zhao Baige said that Sri Lanka and China must seize the major development opportunities provided by “The Belt and Road” initiative and further promote the all-dimensional, multi-level and wide-ranging economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, our two countries should strive to achieve early harvest of the “The Belt and Road” initiative and realize win-win cooperation and mutual development.

At the discussion, Samarakoon expressed his deep appreciation of the professionalism and richness of the Landi International Think Tank platform. He pointed out that in terms of economic development requirements, the Sri Lankan government expects to cooperate with the Chinese government as well as Chinese enterprises in infrastructure construction, manufacturing, tourism, IT industry, agriculture, and water conservancy projects.

At the same time, he said that he expects both Sri Lanka and China will not only seek cooperation on large-scale projects from a macro economic perspective, but also seek to develop agriculture and rural development from a microscopic perspective, especially cooperation among small and medium-sized farmers and enterprises. He believed this kind of micro-economy is more fitting for the development needs of Sri Lanka national conditions and is more conducive to solving the demand of poverty alleviationin Sri Lanka.

Landi International Platform representatives from China Electronics Technology Trade Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Huada  Xiaomi Industry Co. Ltd, Far East Smart Energy International Business Center, Zhendian New Energy Co. Ltd and Tellhow International Co., Ltd also participated in the seminar.

Chinese companies attending the discussion briefed the delegation on possible joint ventures on solar power generation, new energy technologies, water conservancy, and agricultural development cooperation. Zhu Chongjin, chairman of China Electronics Technology International Trade Co. Ltd, said that he will actively cooperate with Sri Lanka in electronic information and infrastructure

During the visit, the delegation met with Huang Haimin, the author of the large-scale album The Beauty of Ceylon in the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and praised the book for publication and distribution in China. Samarakoon said thealbum is beneficial to deepen mutual understanding and to continuously consolidating the traditional friendly relations between the two countries. He also expressed hope that more outstanding work will emerge in the future and will play an active role in promoting the overall national image and tourism of Sri Lanka.

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